Entertainment Complex・KOBE FASHION PLAZA (KFP)


■ Rink

85 shops on 9 floors. (Groceries, books, fashion, furniture and restaurants)

Sun Hiroba

■ Sun Hiroba

Atrium style space often used to exhibits. (50m across and 40m high.)

Kobe Fashion Museum

■ Kobe Fashion Museum

Japan's first public museum dedicated to the world of fashion. Has a library with books and magazines collected from Japan and overseas.

Kobe Artists Museum

■ Kobe Artists Museum

Mainly features works by artists associated with the Kobe area.

Orbis Hall

■ Orbis Hall

This circular hall has 424 seats for fashion events and symposia.

Within 10 min.

Kobe Fashion Mart(KFM)

■ Kobe Fashion Mart(KFM)

Contains 4 zones - fashion, business, shopping and events.

Koiso Memorial Museum

■ Koiso Memorial Museum

Features works of locally born Koiso Ryohei, who regarded Kobe as the basis of his work.



A sports garden containing pools, a futsal, and skating park.

Canadian Academy

■ Canadian Academy

A diverse private school that offers educational opportunities to students from 38 nations.

Kobe International University

■ Kobe International University

An ideal environment to study the latest information, culture and fashion.

Rokko Island Hospital

■ Rokko Island Hospital

24 hour admittance.

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